Rikko Dormitory







Rikko-kai was established in 1897. And the Rikko dormitory is built in Nerima-ku from 1977 as a international student dormitory. We are targeting to disseminate a international perspective through a communal living and cultural activities. Our building is located in a quiet residential area and have a good access to transportation.
Also we conducted a large-scale repair and renovation work in 2017.










Student, Technical trainee(No nationality inquired), over 18 years old
Necessary minimum length of stay : More than 6 months

Reception date

We welcome and wait for your apply anytime.

How to apply

①Conducting an interview. ②Need a Japanese guarantor or school guarantor. If you cannot make a guaranter, we will ask you a security deposit for 1 month rent.

Necessary Documents

Please bring the following items when you are permitted to enter to our dormitory.
①Passport,②Resident card,③Application form(with your photo),④Reference document
⑤Medical check list,⑥Health insurance card,⑦Student ID card
⑧Seculity deposit,⑨Entrance fee,⑩Room fee for 1 month
※③、④、⑤ are given from our office.
About Dormitory
Capacity Total 108 units ( 64 single rooms for male, 44 single rooms for female)
Facilities Interior Desk, Chair, Bed, Locker, Air-conditioner, Telephone, TV connector, Free-Wifi

Common area Kitchen, Laundromat, Shower, Lounge, Study room, Bicycle parking area

Room fee of guest rooms for short stay Single room : 5,000yen/per night
Twin Room : 10,000yen/per night  (Include Tax)
Price and fees
Price and fees
Security Deposit/One time ¥25,000
Entrance fee/Year ¥46,800
Cleaning fee/One time ¥5,000
Bedclothes/One time ¥15,000
Rent fee ¥54,000
Total cost ¥145,800
Monthly rent fee ¥54,000

(If there is any dirty, stain, or damage in your room when conducting room-check, we will ask you the payment of the cost to repair.)
(Bicycle registration/management fee cost ¥1,000.)
(Rental fee of a personal refrigetator is ¥500. Round trip carrying cost is ¥1,000.)
(This price list will apply from April 2020)
(Check-in not available after 9 pm and Sunday & National holiday)

Contact Information
Office TEL:03-3972-1151/+81-(0)3-3972-1151(Int’l call)
Foundation Nippon Rikkokai
Office Hours
Monday ~ Saturday
9:00 ~ 17:30

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