Rule for Residents


1.Admission and Withdrawal


1.Qualifications for Admission


As rule,residents must meet the following condition:
Residents must be 18 years old or older.
Residents must be overseas students or overseas trainees.
Residents may be Japanese students who are planning to do volunteer work or study
abroad. And must have a desire to associate with foreign students.
Applicants must be interviewed and deemed suitable for admittance to this society.
The person who can do the residence of doing equal to or more than 6 months of minimum.


2.Procedures for Admission


An application must be made on the designated application form.
Those admitted must provide the following documents:
Admission contract(a guarantee, a photograph),a declaration,a medical check list,a copy
of your student ID or letter of admission to college.Overseas students must also
present the following: a copy of your passport, a copy of your visa,an authorization
form for foreign residents, and a copy of your alien registration card.


3.Students who have been admitted will be issued a permit card.


4.Students with the passage of equal to or more than 6 months, will move out from this
hall, must submit a withdrawal form one month prior to the planned withdrawal date.
Failure to do so will result in an extra charge for as long as room remains vacant.
Students,who less than 6 months of entries ,will move out from this hall,must submit a
withdrawal form one month prior to the planned withdrawal date ,and regardless of what
reason,the balance with rental fees (room fee,public charge, and office chrage) for
remaind months must be paid at the full amount at the time of moving-out.


5.Payment is on a monthly basis. Payment must be made for a full month regardless of
your withdrawal date.


2.Residence Rooms


1.The rental contract will run for one year-from April.1 to March.25 of the following
year. As a rule, residents may not make any room changes during the year.
Renewal requests(using the designated form) will be accepted between Dec.1 and Jan.31
of each year.


2.The resident will be responsible for keeping the room in a clean and well-maintained
condition. Redecoration, alteration, remodeling and etc. are not permitted.


3.The resident will be responsible for taking care of the room furnishings. Nothing
should be removed from the room. The resident will be asked to repair or replace any
damaged items at his/her own expense.


4.Residents must allow entry to society staff and cooperate with them whenever there is
a need to visit the rooms.


5.At the time of withdrawal,the resident is responsible for returning the room in the
same condition that it was in when he/she entered the residence. If for any reason
this is not possible, a charge will be made for cleaning.


3.Use of Common Facilities and Equipment (until 10pm)


1.The following facilities are provided: meeting room, study room, dining hall, and
kitchen. An application for use these rooms (for meeting etc),should be made by a designated group
representative at least three days in advance.
2.Follow the rules and staff instructions in keeping these facilities clean and
in good condition.


3.Use of the kitchen for your own cooking.
(1) hours : 6:30am ~ 10:00pm.
(2) other
Put the kitchen back in order after use. Throw away all leftovers at the
designated place. Do not remove kitchen utensils or furniture from the
kitchen and dining room areas.It is prohibited to cook in your room and
utensils for cooking are not permitted in your room.


4.Other common facilities:


(1)MAIL : MAil will be deposited in the mail box at the front entrance of
Nippon-kan(Registered mail will be exchanged for a notice paper).
Be sure to include in your address Rikko Kaikan,the building name and
room number.


(2)Bulletin boards will be used for announcements. Check them often.


(3)Bathrooms : Coin operated showers may be used
(Normal day) 6:30am ~ 9:00am and 6:30pm ~ 10:00pm
(24 hours using) 6:00pm on Saturday ~ 9:00am on Monday
(100 yen/7 minutes).


(4)The coin-operated washing machine : may be used from 6:30am to 10:00pm.


(5)Read the instructions for the coin-operated dryer carefully before using.


(6)Lavatory : do not use for washing clothes or other things.


(7)The playground cannot be used while the kindergarten children are present.


4.Rules to Observe


1.Curfew : As a rule, the hall will close at 10:00pm.


2.Staying out over-night and traveling : When you will be away for more than three days,
you should submit the prescribed form to the
office beforehand.This is for sake of emergency
communications, countermeasures against
calamities,etc, when necessary.


3.Receiving visitors : (Hours 9:00am to 10:00pm)
At the meeting of the visit person , you have to report to the office beforehand and
do at the dining room, the social hall. It is prohibited to entertain or accommodate
visitors in your room.


4.Events : Residents should participate actively in events and meetings held by this
society. Residents should notify the office and ask permission whenever they
have meetings or events regardless of whether those events are held in the hall.
5.Cleaning : Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms(Vacuum cleaners may
be rented at the office or the night reception). Trash should be divided
into burnables and non-burnables and should be deposited in the designated
area. Don’t leave trash in the common areas or hallways.


6.Preventing disasters : Always be cautious about preventing disasters and cooperate
with the society in preventing fires by observing the
following :
(1) Attend the fire drills arranged by the society.
(2) Switch off the lights when you leave the room.

(3) Check the location of fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and
emergency exits.
(4) Upon discovery of a fire,sound the emergency broadcast and
cooperated with the society staff in evacuating all residents
to a safe place.
(5) Don’t leave your personal belongings in the corridors or
(6) If you become ill or injured, contact the office


5.Prohibited Items


1.Remodeling and redecorating rooms(including nails and seals)
2.Re-renting your room or allowing others to stay over.
3.Wearing clogs or spiked shoes inside.
4.Bringing any dangerous substances into the hall.
5.Bringing animals into the hall.
6.Passing out hand bills or other object, and trading into the hall.
7.Speaking loudly, or making other loud noises(television.stereo,and musical instruments)
into the hall.
8.Cooking in you room or bringing in cooking utensils.
9.Bringing toilet paper and other common property into your room.




1.Expulsion from this residence :
(1) The society will ask a student to withdraw in case he has violated one of the
prohibitions in Number 5 above, or one of the following :
a. Failure to pay your rent for two months
b. In the case that a resident disrupts public order or attempts to corrupt
public morals.
c. In case that the students conduct interferes remarkably with the administration
and operation of this hall.
(2) Students who have been asked to withdraw should move out within one week.


7.Responsibility for Compensation


When a resident or one of his/her visitors damages or destroys part of the facilities
or equipment of the hall, the resident is responsible for compensation.


8.Residence Hall Steering Committee


1.In order to improve the management of this hall, a committee consisting of
representatives of the residents and staff will meet periodically.
2.Representatives to this committee will be recommended by the residents or volunteered
by themselves and appointed by the society.
3.Committeemen should have well-balanced personalities, be able to provide good channels
of communication between the residents and the society, and should have lived in the
hall long enough to serve as a leader.
4.Committeemen will granted certain special privileges by the society.


9.The rider


As for Rikko kaikan “Rule book for resident “, Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean
edition exist. But when the problem by the difference translation in case of translation
occurs, Japanese edition has priority over in all rules of the other linguistic edition.


Foundation Nippon Rikkokai
Revision Apr. 1, 1999


Regulation for Expenses


1.General Regulations


1.Expenses denotes entrance fees as well as rental fees. Each amount is
determined separately.
2.The entrance fee is paid only at the time of entrance.
3.Rental fee includes room charge, public charge,and office charge.It sets a sum with
rental fee particularly.
4.Rental fees for the following month are due at the end of current month.
Payment is made to the office.
5.Rental fee is calculated on a monthly basis. No refunds will be paid for
partial months.
6.New-comers are asked to pay the entrance fee and rental fees for both the current
and the following months in advance.
7.Rental fees must be paid whether your present in the hall or not.


8.Not including th electorical fee and telephone fee in the room.


2.Entrance fees


1.The entrance fee is determined on April 1 of each year. The entrance fee will be
determined individually room by room. For the new-comer who arrives part way through
the year, a partial charge will be made.


3.Rental Fees


1.The rental fee will be based on a daily charge for the first month.
2.Rental fees are determined room by room taking into account size,location etc.


4.Public charge


1.Public charge includes lighting for common areas, water and sewage charges,
and basic telephone fees.


5.Office charge


1.Office charge includes trash and garbage disposal, cleaning, toilet paper, detergent,
and medicine fees.(There will be an extra fee for disposal of large items.)


6.Deposit money


1.The deposit will be collected at the time of rental and returned at the time of
withdrawal. However, if there are any damages to facilities or if the room is not
left in a clean condition, the deposit will be used for cleaning or repairs.
(as a rule, one penalty costs \5,000-)