About Rikkokai

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NIPPON RIKKOKAI was founded by the late pastor Hyodayu Shimanuki in 1897, under the slogan of”Spiritual and physical salvation of Japanese people”.
In those days there were not so many organizations in Japan taking care of emigrants, and we gave them great benefit by establishing “The department of emigration to America”,”The girl’s school for the Japanese and the Americans”,and “The technical school for the Japanese and the Americans”, and “The school for the Japanese and the Americans”, and by publishing “The latest information of emigrating to abroad”. We also helped many self-supporting students by offering accommodations.

In 1914, the late Mr.Shigeshi Nagata became the second president in succession to the late pastor Hyodayu Shimanuki the first. He made efforts to establsih “Overseas schools” and “Group emigration center” in Alianza Brazil, encouraging young people to emigrate and study there.

Up to the present we have sent about 30,000 emigrants to North and South America, South East Asia, and China etc.

Also,”RIKKO KINDERGARTAIN” which was founded in 1946, responding to the desire of the vicinage habitant, too, is deepening alternating current widely with ite greeting local in 50th year’s establishments.Recently “RIKKO KAIKAN” is established as this foundation establishment of 90th year’s memorial projects.

It lives together in the cooperation as the lodgings of the student studying abroad from the foreing countries regardless of the country and it puts an international sense. At present playing an active part in each field in a lot of seniors who left here all over the world.